We build better.

We help established publishers improve existing workflows and new entrants explore new ways to publish. We build better, in less time and for less money.

Imagine a world where established publishers seamlessly enhance their existing workflows and new entrants explore innovative ways to publish, all with exceptional efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This is the world we are building.

At the heart of our mission, we believe in creating better solutions. We work closely with publishers to transform their processes, saving them both time and money. Our approach is structured yet flexible, ensuring that every phase of our service delivers unmatched value.

Phase 1: Optimize and Design

The journey begins with a deep dive into your current workflows and tools. Our team meticulously examines and understands every aspect of your workflow. We then collaborate with your team, fostering a co-creative environment that blends your vision with our expertise to design the system of your dreams.

Phase 2: Build and Manage

With a clear blueprint in hand, we embark on building robust platforms and versatile components tailored to your needs. Our experts manage every facet of development, integration, and deployment, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to reality.

Phase 3: Host and Maintain

As your platform takes shape, we offer cost-efficient hosting solutions that ensure reliability and performance. Our commitment doesn’t end at launch; we provide ongoing maintenance to keep your platform running smoothly.


While we add value at every stage, our true strength lies in our role as platform architects. Our architects possess a profound understanding of the publishing world, an attribute that makes all the difference.

Our architects live and breathe publishing. Their intimate knowledge of the industry allows them to communicate effectively, saving time and money while fully grasping the challenges you face.

Collaborative Spirit

Understanding your organization’s legacy, culture, and ambitions is crucial. Our architects excel in co-creation, designing new workflows that respect and enhance your unique identity.

User-Centered Design

A product’s greatness is measured by its usage. Our architects prioritize user experience, ensuring that the solutions we deliver are not only innovative but also practical and engaging.

Laser-Focused Clarity

By zeroing in on the core issues, our architects bring unparalleled clarity and focus to every project, driving efficient and effective results.

Development Savvy

Our architects consult with developers throughout the design process, ensuring that the solutions are not only visionary but also feasible and realistic.

Our Approach to Collaboration

We understand that every project is unique. That’s why we offer various ways to work together:

Full Project Management: Hand over the reins to us, and we’ll manage every aspect from start to finish. Collaborative Partnerships: Work alongside our team to combine our strengths. Team Management: Let us manage your team to build new tools or enhance existing Coko products.

Excellence in Action

We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the publishing world, our innovative problem-solving, and our cutting-edge approach. Our reputation as sector leaders in open-source technology is backed by a team of expert developers who bring professionalism and expertise to every project.