Community-driven publishing technology.

The Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko) builds modular, open source publishing software using collaborative development to ensure the technology underlying research communication enables innovation and rapid publishing.

Partnerships + modern, digital-first technologies

Coko works with leading publishers, partners, & developers to build modular, digital-first technologies that produce living, networked publications rapidly and cost-effectively. Our PubSweet framework is a set of interoperable components that can be assembled and reassembled to create different publishing platforms. It provides the core building blocks from which publishers can develop workflows.

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Community = Transformation

Open source succeeds when it’s driven by the community using the technology. Coko supports a diverse ecosystem of coders, user experience designers, platform service providers and publishers. Together we are actively building on one another’s work to replace legacy technology silos and create new interoperable solutions.

Collaborators, Partners & Friends
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Our Funders

Coko’s work is supported by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and the Shuttleworth Foundation.

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