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Innovating and modernizing publishing with open-source, customizable platforms that let you own your infrastructure, streamline workflows, support emergent models, and enhance global collaboration. Collaborate with us.


  1. logo of /images/homelogo/nomargins/kotahi.svg

    The Next Generation of Scholarly Publishing Platform

    As used by eLife, Johns Hopkins University, Amnet, Biophysics Colab and more..
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    Revolutionizing Book Production

    Supported by Mellon. Used by Lulu, Open Education Network, Amnet, BookSprints, WACREN and more...
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    AI Design Studio for Multiple Formats

    Included in Kotahi and Ketty.
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    Modern, Configurable, Learning Assessment Builder

    Commissioned by, and built for, HHMI BioInteractive
  5. logo of /images/homelogo/nomargins/datacite.svg

    Citation Visualisation Platform

    Built by Coko for DataCite and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI). Commissioned by Wellcome Trust
  6. logo of /images/uploads/bcms2.png

    Book CMS (BCMS) for BioMedical Research

    Commissioned by, and built for, NCBI
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    Submission, peer review and publication platform for micropublications.

    Commissioned by Caltech and used by WormBase and

Publishing Components and Infrastructure

  1. logo of /images/homelogo/nomargins/pagedjs.svg

    Typesetting Engine for Creating PDF from HTML

    As used by Musée du Louvre, C&F Editions, Pagedown, Ketty, Kotahi, Lulu, Hederis
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    Coko’s Open Source CMS

    As used by Musée du Louvre, Book Sprints, and as internal CMS for Kotahi.
  3. logo of /images/homelogo/nomargins/wax.svg

    Configurable Web-Based Word Processor

    As used by all Coko platforms and bespoke solutions
  4. logo of /images/homelogo/nomargins/xsweet.svg

    High Fidelity MS Word to HTML Converter

    As used by Ketty, Kotahi
  5. logo of /images/homelogo/nomargins/cokoserver.svg

    Framework for Building Publishing Platforms

    As used by all Coko products, EPMC, Hindawi Phenom, Libero Editor and other community products
  6. logo of /images/homelogo/nomargins/liberoeditor.svg
  7. logo of /images/homelogo/nomargins/sciencebeam.svg

    Machine Learning PDF to XML

Coko builds ready-to-use and custom publishing platforms for communities worldwide, enabling efficient, collaborative, and innovative publishing solutions tailored to specific needs.

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