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Who is Coko? : Meet Christos.

In the latest of our Who is Coko? series I talk to the wonderful Christos Kokosias. Christos has been working with Coko for 3 years. Almost since the beginning! He started working on Editoria but is now our word processor guru. Christos built Wax 1 and is currently working on the vastly improved wax 2….

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PubSource: community news briefs

PubSource is a collection of news briefs on interesting projects that touch our community. If you have a news item you’d like us to include in the next PubSource, please share with team@coko.foundation. eLife Solicits Feedback This week, eLife is gathering feedback from the publishing community about the platforms we use to host and present journal…

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The Nice Captain. An interview with Jure.

“I thought I wouldn’t be able to be a facilitator because I have strong opinions of my own, and the role of the facilitator is to dissolve into the curtains and let others decide things, but I enjoy it now and I think its the most valuable thing that I do for PubSweet.” Continuing our…

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Surf club grows!

Coko Surf Club is a collection of characters who gather when possible, such as after meetings that may be conveniently situated near surfable beaches. So far, the group has met in the waves around New Zealand, the UK, Greece and the west coast of the US. I’ve been eager to join these meets, yet tentative,…

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Detroit Management Summit

It’s the beginning of a new chapter in the Coko story, and we are writing it together in Detroit, Michigan ahead of the Association of University Presses meeting, which we will attend and present at. We, of course, are Coko’s new management team, Adam, Jure and I. Together, we are discussing the structure of the…

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Looking back at the PubSweet Collaboration Week

We’ve been waiting years for this moment to come and now that it did, I can say it was worth the wait! What am I talking about? Why the PubSweet collaboration week, of course! Specifically, I’m talking about asking multiple organizations, with diverse goals and approaches, to contribute their components and other improvements back to…

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