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Thought Leadership Robots Cooking

Robots Cooking is the evergrowing collected writings on AI, Publishing, and Open Source by Coko Founder, Adam Hyde, following his development and experiments with AI, LLMs and GPTs for publishing.

You can read it all on https://robotscooking.com

Latest addition to Robots Cooking


Understanding and Implementing Workflow-first Design (Workflow Sprints)

Why you should ditch the technology-first lens and think about workflow.

Kotahi: a new approach to JATS production

A new innovation from Coko - push button JATS production.

Single Source Publishing

A investigation of what Single Source Publishing is and how this 'holy grail' can be achieved.

Open Source and Scholary Publishing

Originally published on Scholarly Kitchen.

How the 'itch-to-scratch model' can solve our UX woes

Every good work of software starts by scratching a developer's personal itch. Originally published on Opensource.com

A Typescript for the Web

Why HTML is a better starting point than .docx

Case Studies and White Papers

Designing for Emergent Workflow Cultures: eLife, PRC, and Kotahi

An overview of how Kotahi is used for PRC.

White Paper: Kotahi Current State

An overview of the current state of Kotahi. Last updated Sept 2021.

Single Source Publishing Case Study: Ketida (Books)

An invesitgation of how Ketida achieves Single Source Publishing for books.

Thought pieces

Can we do away with RFPs?

Originally published on Upstream - https://upstream.force11.org/can-we-do-away-with-rfps

HTML Typescript - redistributing labor

A thought piece on how Single Source Publishing redistrubutes labour.

SignalPath Workflow Design

Design thought piece.