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Kotahi: a new approach to JATS production

A new innovation from Coko - push button JATS production.

Single Source Publishing

A investigation of what Single Source Publishing is and how this 'holy grail' can be achieved.

Open Source and Scholary Publishing

Originally published on Scholarly Kitchen.

How the 'itch-to-scratch model' can solve our UX woes

Every good work of software starts by scratching a developer's personal itch. Originally published on Opensource.com

A Typescript for the Web

Why HTML is a better starting point than .docx

Case Studies and White Papers

White Paper: Kotahi Current State

An overview of the current state of Kotahi. Last updated Sept 2021.

Single Source Publishing Case Study: Editoria (Books)

An invesitgation of how Editoria achieves Single Source Publishing for books.

Thought pieces

Can we do away with RFPs?

Originally published on Upstream - https://upstream.force11.org/posts/can-we-do-away-with-rfps

HTML Typescript - redistributing labor

A thought piece on how Single Source Publishing redistrubutes labour.

SignalPath Workflow Design

Design thought piece.