Kotahi 3.2 Release!

Less than one month after the release of Kotahi 3.1 we have Kotahi 3.2! Read on to learn more…


AI Design Studio; added to the Production editor. With a focus on PDF production, utilize the studio to tweak page layouts, adjust image placements, manage widows and orphans, refine content with ease, or come up with completely new designs using the studio. Read more here; [https://www.robotscooking.com/redefining-document-design-unveiling-our-ai-powered-pdf-designer/](https://www.robotscooking.com/redefining-document-design-unveiling-our-ai-powered-pdf-designer/)

Select an area (element) on the screen and insert a prompt into the AI chat editor and see the result! Add your OpenAI credentials on the Configuration>Integrations and Publishing Endpoints>OpenAI access key to activate the service.

Citation parser enhancements; make it easier for Production editors to edit and apply changes to citation data captured in the edit modal. The ‘Original’ citation is now displayed above the ‘Edited’ version - form field changes will now reflect in the ‘Edited’ display, in real-time.

The citation style is now displayed in the modal as applied in the Configuration>Production>‘Select style formatting for citations’ field.

The Configuration page; has been reorganized to improve usability. We have now listed settings within collections;

Sticky chat; currently, you can expand/collapse chat. However, the state is not retained between sessions or when navigating between pages. We now preserve the state of the chat so that if a user expands/collapses a chat window that state is retained if they navigate away and come back to the page.

Other enhancements;

Bug fixes;

Next release;