The Collaborative Knowledge Foundation’s mission is to evolve how scholarship is created, produced and reported. CKF is building open source solutions in scholarly knowledge production that foster collaboration, integrity and speed.

CKF envisions a new research communication ecosystem that gives rise to wholly unique channels for research output.

CKF was founded in October 2015 with support from the Shuttleworth Foundation.


Kristen Ratan, Co-Founder

Kristen Ratan brings strategic leadership, business development and publishing expertise to the founding CKF team. She has a 20-year history of leading strategic innovations in the information industry.

Kristen has a strong track record of building technology and community in the scholarly publishing community, working to transform publishing at the two publishing platform companies, HighWire and Atypon. Kristen was most recently the Publisher at the Public Library of Science (PLOS). working to leverage new technologies, policies and best practices to transform scholarly communication.

Kristen has held Board positions with the publishing industry organizations the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) and CrossRef and currently serves on the Publications Committee for NISO and the Advisory Board for DataOne.

Adam Hyde, Co-Founder

Adam brings technical leadership and pioneering insights into collaborative knowledge production methods and technologies. Adam was awarded the 2015 Shuttleworth Fellowship with the goal of building an open source publishing framework.

Adam developed the first web based book production software (Booktype), built many innovative Open Source publishing tools such as Booki, Lexicon, Objavi, and BookJS, and founded and managed the successful online community FLOSS Manuals. Adam is also the founder and CEO of Book Sprints and the rapid book creation (open) methodology of the same name.

Adam has 20 years experience working with Open Source and 8 years focusing solely on developing innovative web based collaborative publishing techniques and technologies. Adam has consulted for many organizations on Collaborative Knowledge Production to develop methodologies, rapid- and community-based content, and technologies including the United Nations Development Project, USAID, The World Bank, Google Open Source Programs Office, Mozilla, Cisco, F5, OpenStack, The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, PLOS, Heinrich Böll Stiftung Nigeria, African Minerals Development Center, African Development Bank, GIZ, Safari Books, the European Commission (FET), Vale Columbia Law Center, Transparency International, and others. Also see

Jure Triglav, Lead Developer PubSweet

Jure might already be known to some of you as he has been very active as a programmer within publishing. You could call Jure, and many do, an open science software developer.

As it happens he has many talents which intersect nicely around publishing, research, and programming. Jure graduated from medical school, but after graduating elected instead to work as a developer for He then went on to many projects in this space including @ScienceGist, @ScienceToolbox and @ScholarNinja. Jure and I have also also worked together on solving some very interesting file conversion problems. These issues have included working on OxGarage as well as software solving the difficult MathType to MathML conversion problem (

For the Coko Foundation Jure is in charge of building the PubSweet Publishing Framework. PubSweet is an existing software, having been developed originally by Juan Gutierrez of Book Sprints and it has been around for many years. It’s now time for a rebuild. PubSweet is re-forming from a book-only production software into something much more flexible. Essentially you can think of PubSweet as a de-coupled CMS. It’s a modular architecture that enables you to build a myriad of different solutions for different use cases. Enticing? We hope so! Watch this blog to understand more about what exactly we mean by this.

Charlie Ablett, Lead Developer INK

Charlie Ablett brings 14 years of academic and industry experience writing excellent software, focusing on solving difficult problems. Charlie has completed projects on three continents for a wide range of businesses and initiatives, including manufacturing, government, nonprofit, alternative currencies, heavy machinery, and robotics, among many others.

Skilled with facilitation, governance of self-organising groups, diversity initiatives, and mentorship, Charlie values and actively creates organisational environments that foster self-improvement and bring out the best in everyone. You can find Charlie in the inner core of Enspiral (, a network which brings together professionals from a variety of industries to collaborate on projects with a positive social impact.

Charlie volunteers as an organiser and coach in workshops bringing tech education to rural areas in Tasman and would like to see all ages have a chance to understand more about software development and how programmers solve problems regardless of location. Charlie has been involved in organising Rails Girls events all over New Zealand, which are workshops aiming to help women get into the world of software development.

When not writing code, Charlie enjoys making music (taiko, classical piano, and cello), permaculture and topsoil regeneration, and traditional hand tool woodwork.

For Coko Charlie is leading the development of INK - a recipe based web service framework for managing file conversion and content enrichment (amongst other things).

Board of Advisors

  • Karien Bezuidenhout
  • Peter Brantley
  • John Chodacki
  • Martin P Eve
  • James Vasile
  • Tony Wasserman

The Collaborative Knowledge Foundation is a California-based Not-for-Profit, Fiscal Sponsor Brave New Software.

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