Who is Coko? : Meet Christos.

Adam Hyde Jul 15, 2019

In the latest of our Who is Coko? series I talk to the wonderful Christos Kokosias.

Christos has been working with Coko for 3 years. Almost since the beginning! He started working on Editoria but is now our word processor guru. Christos built Wax 1 and is currently working on the vastly improved wax 2.

I interviewed Christos during a team meeting in Slovenia and we talked mainly about the thinking that goes into building editors. It might be a little technical for some, but stay with it – its fascinating to understand something about the complexity involved and why building web based word processors is so important and so hard.

Christos will soon be joining the Cabbage Tree Labs – but more on this later!

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Adam Hyde

Founder, Coko