Eagle-eyed members of our audience may have noticed a new addition to the Coko website: say hello to The Lab…

Coko established Cabbage Tree Labs in 2019 as an independent home for three exceptional open source publishing projects. Collaboratively designed by communities of international publishing experts, XSweet, Wax, and Paged.js are changing the publishing ecosystem – and beyond – for the better.

Each project serves a specific purpose in an overall mission to move all types of publishing onto the web. XSweet enables online content creation and conversion of .docx into HTML; Wax is a best in class tool for web-based word processing. Paged.js is a modern typesetting engine for producing beautiful PDF from HTML. 

Cabbage Tree Labs was established as a safe harbor for these groundbreaking technologies and the amazing people who contribute to them. We also saw an excellent opportunity for the Lab to extend its reach. Not only are these tools of significant value to publishers, but they also raise the bar in non-publishing circles – which opens the door for some exciting ideas. Coko and Cabbage Tree Labs Founder Adam Hyde says:

“It’s been great to see the Lab opening up this two-way street. You have publishers on one side, then website devs, editors, and even at-home bloggers on the other, all making extensions.

“The great thing is that all these new ideas and tools are feeding back into the publishing community. And the more people use it, the more we all benefit from the additions, improvements, collaborations, contributions, and support.”

Coko is delighted to highlight The Lab’s important work. By improving these tools together we can all make publishing more accessible and collaborative.

Lots of updates to come from The Lab! For now, take a closer look at XSweet, Wax (complete with awesome new logos) and Paged.js here. New websites for Wax and XSweet are coming soon, so please stay tuned!

Also, note that the labs has a new product that we announce soon – Flax….

Need to know more? Get in touch and chat with adam@coko.foundation

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