Wax 2: New Website is Live!

Wax 2, our open source, best in class tool for web-based word processing, has a beautiful new place to call home…

The Wax 2 story continues to gather pace! Our amazingly extensible and responsive web-based word processor has been out in the wild for a while now. Built by publishers for publishers, Wax 2 has already integrated perfectly with Editoria as the high-quality editor we always intended, and it’s made a massive difference to Editoria’s offering. We have also integrated Wax 2 into Kotahi, our latest scholarly publishing system, to enable editing of content (micropubs, journal articles etc) in the browser. So we are thrilled to announce that (finally!) the Wax 2 website is now live, as it thoroughly deserves its own little corner of the web. 

Two years in the making, Wax 2 is a complete rebuild of our Cabbage Tree Labs project Wax (now sometimes referred to as Wax1). Our decision to refashion everything from the ground up was a little bold, definitely risky, and incredibly stressful! But the community felt the third party framework used in the original lacked the power and stability publishers demand from a modern word processor. As painful as it was, we had to make the change. When you have a reputation for building best in class publishing systems, you can’t settle for second best. 

A lot of hard work ensued, but it was absolutely the right decision. Wax 2 is in a league of its own: an open source, web-based word processor that takes the flexibility of its predecessor and ramps it up exponentially. As a result, it’s extensible, super stable, amazingly responsive, and can handle all the content you can throw at it. And because it’s open source, it’s yours forever. Configure it to your needs, build new functionality, and enjoy everything you loved about the original Wax with added bells and whistles: Wax 2 comes with additional support for math, tables, track changes, spell check, proofing tools, and a whole bunch of other features. 

We’re thrilled with the look and feel of wax and it’s new site. The Wax 2 demo page lets you have a play around, and we’ve included some video demos to give you an authentic flavor of the features on offer. And if you’re feeling creative, our documentation page will walk you through everything you need to know about building your own web-based word processor with Wax 2 (warning: some prior expertise is required!). You can also grab the code from GitLab.

A big thank you to our developers Ryan Dix-Peek and Christos Kokosias, for giving Wax 2 the website it deserves (not to mention the many painstaking hours they put into perfecting the software). And colossal gratitude, as always, to our hosting partners, the wonderful crew from Cloud68. 

We build, you publish! Find out what Wax 2 can do for you by contacting Adam Hyde now: adam@coko.foundation.