We also build open source components other platform builders may need.

Cabbage Tree Labs

Coko started it’s own lab in 2019 as a home to three projects that any platform builder may need, regardless of whether they use other Coko technologies. While each of these projects is built for the very high standards publishers require the projects have immense value for non-publishing use-cases. These three projects are:

Pagedjs – a javascript HTML typesetting engine.

Paged.js is a free and open source JavaScript library that paginates content in the browser to create PDF output from any HTML content. This means you can design works for print (eg. books) using HTML and CSS!

Paged.js follows the Paged Media standards published by the W3C (ie the Paged Media Module, and the Generated Content for Paged Media Module). In effect Paged.js acts as a polyfill for the CSS modules to print content using features that are not yet natively supported by browsers.


Wax – a web based word processor. Wax can be configured to meet your application requirements. It is very configurable and extensible. Wax has a number of plugins for various word processing requirements including:

  • track changes
  • comments
  • notes
  • math
  • tables
  • special characters
  • integration with third party services (eg Grammerly)
  • images and captions
  • interactive components

..and more!

XSweet – a high fidelity MS Word (docx) to HTML converter.

XSweet can be used for any application. XSweet extracts the contents of MS Word documents from their underlying XML into HTML, which can be published as-is, imported into an application, or used as a intermediate format to convert it into another format altogether. Beyond simple conversion to HTML, XSweet also includes a number of optional enhancement steps, including:

  • Transformations to load HTML files into Wax or other web application.
  • Ingesting notes, tables and math correctly
  • Recognizing plain-text URLs and converting them to hyperlinks
  • Configurable ‘macros’ to translate various content to your preferred profile (eg. double space to single space, three dots to a proper ellipsis etc)
  • Inferring an authors structural intent and semantically structuring the document accordingly

…and more.

Flax is a new product (website pending). Flax is a publishing front end, a web presence for content produced in Kotahi and Editoria. This means each of those software’s can push to Flax for publishing content. Flax is based on Eleventy, a static website builder, and is very customizable and extensible. We have a demo site available of a book created in Editoria and published to Flax. More coming soon.

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The labs is it’s own fiscally sponsored non-profit organization.