The Editoria Community Activates and Accelerates

Nov 9, 2018

Over the last month, there have been big advances in the Editoria community.

Community members from University of California Press, California Digital Library, Paged Media and Coko collaborated to document Editoria, facilitated by Book Sprints’ CEO Barbara Rühling. Across three days, the book was written, edited in, and exported from Editoria. A helpful guide for the community, it covers features, export formats, how to request new features, and ways to participate in the community. The EPUB and PDF versions are now available for download.


Following this highly productive Book Sprint, the first ever Editoria Community Meeting took place in San Francisco on October 18th. Over 50 interested collaborators from across scholarly communications attended to learn more about the progress of Editoria to date; the flexibility of the system to adapt to a range of workflows; the capabilities of features – Wax, xSweet, and Paged.js – in addition to the most recent version of Editoria; and finally, brainstormed future features (an updated list of features proposals can be found on GitLab.)

     All community meeting attendees received a copy of the new Editoria book, created using the system itself, only days before the event.


“Enthusiasm and engagement was very high. Awesome.” – Adam Hyde. See more about the meeting on Adam’s blog here.

On the development front, Paged.js is now available as a new export option within Editoria. One of three current export alternatives, this option is a dynamic export option that displays a paginated output on the right, and shows the editable CSS on the left. The two mirror in real time, so that CSS can be tweaked on the fly, and changes are instantly viewable. Paged.js also allows for export of source HTML. More information can be found on the Editoria blog here.

Finally, Editoria welcomes new partners to the community! We are delighted to be working with American Theological Library Association, who will be providing feedback to Coko while testing the tool within their monograph workflow. Longleaf Services are partnering with Editoria to develop efficiencies in monograph publishing; and Michigan Publishing and Fulcrum have also entered the Editoria community.

Want to know more about Editoria? Visit the Editoria website for more details, and view the new video below.