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We take a radically inclusive approach to open source development by bringing together a diverse community in conversation. Contributions from publishers, users, developers, UX designers and others help support new technology solutions for publishing.

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Posts from #Town Square

This isn’t one-size-fits-all. Flexible, elegant modular open source technology.

Coko is rapidly constructing an open source technology framework with separate components that can be assembled and reassembled. We are crafting flexible, modular frameworks that can be adopted, incorporated and modified to support a a wide range of use cases. All code is open source under an MIT license.

  • General repository

    Take a deeper dive into the Coko community’s work by taking a look at our code. All code is hosted on Gitlab, an open source platform.

  • INK Framework

    Manages file conversion, entity extraction, & content enrichment. Converts content and data from one format to another, tags with identifiers, normalizes metadata and more. Consists of an API, written in Rails, and a client, written in Javascript.

  • PubSweet

    A platform- and workflow-building toolkit with a robust architecture & interoperable components. Enables knowledge management, creation, processing & dissemination

  • Wax Editor

    A web based word processor built on top of Javascript / libraries. Designed for HTML-first workflows so that content and figures can be edited and produced in the browser.

  • XSweet

    File conversion scripts to extract and refine data from MS Office Open XML (.docx) format to produce HTML for editorial workflows. A set of XSLT 2.0 stylesheets.

  • xpub

    A set of interconnected PubSweet components that can be assembled into Journal submission and peer review workflows & platforms