Coko builds modular, open source technologies for modern, digital first publishing platforms.

Scholarly publishing technology is slowing down research. Workflows operate as they did in the print era. And content is delivered via siloed platforms that lack the interactivity made possible through digital publication. We believe there’s a better way. The Coko community is creating the core technology building blocks from which publishers can develop custom workflows that are born digital and fully communicate the richness of research.

Open. Modular. Flexible. The Open Source Infrastructure of Publishing.

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    Get Modular. Be Flexible.

    Think of Coko’s technology components like the Lego blocks of open infrastructure. These can be flexibly assembled and customized to fit changing publisher and platform needs— for digital publication of book, journal, data, or wholly new research objects.

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    Build only what you need.

    Maybe you just need improvements to manuscript tracking. Or a peer review solution. Integrate just those elements you need. And if a necessary component doesn’t exist within Coko’s technology? You won’t need to recreate the entire system – just build the new elements.

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    Stop building the same solutions.

    Why should each platform reinvent the same core functions, such as access control, workflow management & reporting? Using open source components, publishers and platform providers can reuse the same building blocks, adding differentiation at the UI and branding layer.

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    Iterate. Innovate. Repeat.

    Technology doesn’t stand still. Publishing platforms shouldn’t either. The PubSweet technology framework allows for the rapid development of new components. So platforms and solutions can easily evolve as new elements are built and refined by the community.

The Coko community is constructing open source infrastructure to support a range of publishing platforms & use cases. Find out more about the elements of our technology framework.

A key element of Coko technology.
Enables knowledge management, creation, processing and dissemination.

PubSweet is a critical piece of Coko’s technology framework. It’s a platform-building toolkit — a “platform to build platforms” with a robust architecture and interoperable components. Using PubSweet, publishers, solution providers, and developers can build custom platforms and solutions — from authoring & collaboration tools, editing & production systems, workflow management solutions, and more. Adopt the full suite or just one or two modules to meet your specific needs. Add your own components to create a more customized platform.

A Sampling of Other Technology Components

  • INK

    Manages file conversion and other automated content pipelines. Converts content and data from one format to another, tags with identifiers, normalizes metadata and much more.

  • Wax editor

    A web based word processor built on top of Javascript / libraries. Designed for HTML-first workflows so that content and figures can be edited and produced in the browser.

  • XSweet

    File conversion scripts to extract and refine data from MS Office Open XML (.docx) format to produce HTML for editorial workflows. A set of XSLT 2.0 stylesheets.

Platforms Built with PubSweet

  • Editoria

    A set of components assembled to meet digital first, streamlined ebook production needs.

  • xPub

    A set of interconnected components that can be assembled into Journal submission and peer review workflows & platforms.

Community + collaboration to transform research communication

Coko is mobilizing a team of global developers and others to create open technologies that allow authors, editors, reviewers, and readers to collaborate more fully. Check out our resources for developers and UX designers, including the current chatter on Mattermost.

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