Kristen Ratan — Co-Founder

Kristen Ratan brings strategic leadership, business development and publishing expertise to the founding CKF team. She has a 20-year history of leading strategic innovations in the information industry.

Adam Hyde — Co-Founder

Adam brings technical leadership and pioneering insights into collaborative knowledge production methods and technologies. Adam was awarded the 2015 and 2016 Shuttleworth Fellowship with the goal of building an open source publishing framework.

Jure Triglav — Lead Developer PubSweet Core

Jure might already be known to some of you as he has been very active as a programmer within publishing. You could call Jure, and many do, an open science software developer.

Charlie Ablett — Lead Developer INK

Charlie Ablett brings 14 years of academic and industry experience writing excellent software. Charlie has completed projects on three continents for a wide range of businesses and initiatives.

Yannis Barlas – Pubsweet Component Developer

Yannis has many years experience developing full stack applications. Yannis is working on the rapid and robust development of front end components for PubSweet including those used by the Editoria platform.

Christos Kokosias – Pubsweet Component Developer

Christos is also a talented full stack application developer. Christos has worked on all the front end components for PubSweet including those used by the Editoria platform.

Richard Smith-Unna – Pubsweet Core Developer

A biologist, hacker, former PhD student in Plant Sciences in the Hibberd Lab at the University of Cambridge, a Mozilla Fellow for Science for 2015-16 AND he works on PubSweet Core with Jure.

Juan Gutierrez – SYS OPS

Juan has worked on many publishing systems including an earlier version of PubSweet, Lexicon, and also Booktype and BookJS. Juan maintains Cokos systems and also does some development work as needed.

Alex Theg – Process Manager

Alex has four years’ experience in Open Access academic journal operations. He’s thrilled to be working with a diverse community of researchers, publishers, designers, and developers building flexible tools for knowledge creation and sharing.

Henrik van Leeuwen – Designer

Henrik is one half of the Van Leeuwen Brothers design collective, he also teaches and is an media artist. Henrik works on all of Cokos designs for the website and marketing materials.

Julien Taquet – UX and Book CSS

Julien is one of the few very experienced HTML/CSS book designers around. Julien also does a lot of UX design work for Cokos front end components including all the interfaces for Editoria.

Alf Eaton – PubSweet Developer

Alf has been building tools for authors, editors, reviewers and readers for the last ten years, at Nature, Mendeley and most recently PeerJ. Alf is working on PubSweet.

Alexis Georgantas – PubSweet Component Developer

Alexis is a full stack engineer with years of experience in applications’ development who admires the open source community and embraces collaboration. He joined Coko as a frontend engineer in order to contribute to the development of PubSweet components.

We also work closely with Kresten van Leeuwen, Wendell Piez, Fred Chasen,, Nokome Bentley, Raewyn Whyte, Pepper Curry and many others.

Karien Bezuidenhout
Peter Brantley
John Chodacki
Martin P Eve
James Vasile
Tony Wasserman

We are a distributed team mainly based in San Francisco