Surf club grows!

Alison McGonagle-O'Connell Jun 20, 2019

Coko Surf Club is a collection of characters who gather when possible, such as after meetings that may be conveniently situated near surfable beaches. So far, the group has met in the waves around New Zealand, the UK, Greece and the west coast of the US.

I’ve been eager to join these meets, yet tentative, as a first timer. To remove this self-doubt, inspired by my five-year-old daughter’s brave ‘try anything’ spirit, she and I visited “the wall” in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire for a lesson yesterday. We had an excellent time.

After overcoming her initial dismay that she had no control over the colors of her borrowed wetsuit, my daughter was initially interested most in inspecting the surfboard itself. Eventually she moved on to teaching her surf instructor yoga on the beach.


Out in the water, I learned to paddle out, sit up, choose a wave, and even stand up while riding in a couple of times. Of course, as it was my first day, I was far more successful catching the waves when my instructor gave me a good push at the right moment.


Surfing was a ridiculously fun time and I enjoyed the substantial work out. I plan to join a beginners group that meets weekly in the evening to help each other learn in a more social way than one-on-one with instructors. This all, of course, reminded me of power of community! Looking forward to surfing with Coko at the next opportunity.

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