Sprinting for PubSweet

To help guide the incorporation and use of PubSweet into publishers’ infrastructure development, the Coko community participated in a Book Sprint in Cambridge (UK) in June resulting in the book ‘PubSweet – How to Build a Publishing Platform’.  To download, please click here for PDF and here for EPUB. The book was written by using Editoria, Coko’s books production platform, which was developed in collaboration with University of California Press, California Digital Library and made possible by a generous grant from the Mellon Foundation.

The team convened in Cambridge, UK; with representatives from Coko, eLife, Hindawi and EBI collaborating to provide the central source of information for all things PubSweet.

The book includes an introduction to PubSweet; details about the platform design and technical architecture; guidance on installing and configuring PubSweet; information on the individual components; illumination on authorization and permissions topics; guidance on theming and deployment, and development help. The book also features case studies of partner organization’s uses of PubSweet, which is particularly useful for organizations looking for more context about PubSweet integration into their development strategies.

Significantly for those interested in our developments and keen to explore how working with Coko to build platforms; designers also generated a series of ‘workspace’ icons during the process of the Book Sprint. ‘Workspaces’ are reusable components that you can use to assemble a publishing platform:

These create opportunities for the community to more easily communicate using visual language during their explorations of component configuration options relevant to their organizations. Participating in the Book Sprint were Yannis Barlas (Coko), Bogdan Cochior (Hindawi), Nick Duffield (eLife), Samuel Galson (eLife), Yuci Gou (EBI), Audrey Hamelers (EBI), Peter Hooper (eLife), Adam Hyde (Coko), Christos Kokosias (Coko), Tamlyn Rhodes (eLife), Paul Shannon (eLife), Julien Taquet (Coko), Alex Theg (Coko), and Jure Triglav (Coko). Thanks also to all the wonderful folks at Hindawi, eLife and EBI who generously made the time available for their teams to participate.

This Book Sprint was facilitated by Book Sprints CEO, Barbara Rühling. Other Book Sprints team members participated, contributing to the design and development of the book, including Henrik van Leeuwen, illustrator & designer, Agathe Baëz, book designer, and Raewyn Whyte, Copy Editor.

For more details on the process of the Book Sprint, visit Adam’s