Shared infrastructure: driving innovation, efficiency, and community-ownership

Coko Co-Founder Kristen Ratan has published an article, Driving a vision of publisher efficiency through collaboration with the peer-reviewed journal, Information Services & Use, published by IOS Press. In this article, Kristen asserts that no one platform can solve all the problems. We need an ecosystem of tools and software, creating modular and interoperable systems by the communities that they serve. Coko aims to provide the facility for publishers to move from closed and linear workflows to collaborative webspaces, and from proprietary platform silos to an open source ecosystem.

To achieve transparency in research communication we need increased integrity surrounding all research outputs. These outputs should be connected with their corresponding elements (data, protocols, code, and any other materials needed for others to reproduce or reuse the work), and these elements should also be publicly available as part of the scholarly record.

Kristen discusses how the publishing industry can dramatically increase its own efficiencies through strategic partnerships in open source technology development; both through an aggregation of expertise and development, and by creating flexible workflows that bend to a publisher’s unique needs, and thereby increasing their workflow efficiency. With the ultimate goal to accelerate scholarly communication to advance discovery, Kristen outlines how open source collaboration can be a crucial aspect of making that vision a reality.