Say Hello to the Kotahi Community: Website Launched!

2021 is proving a big year for Kotahi, and the momentum continues as its community website goes live…

The Kotahi website is live! Kotahi is a fully-featured, state-of-the-art platform that enables, simplifies and optimizes the entire publishing process from beginning to end. It brings together an international community of actively engaged members from all over the world, each dedicated to improving publishing workflows, and finding new, exciting ways to create, produce and share research.

After recent news of support from eLife, Eko-Konnect and Amnet Systems, Cloud68, we’re delighted to announce this latest sign of progress for the platform at an exciting time: eLife is already using Kotahi in production; Amnet Systems and Cloud68 offering hosted versions of it, and Eko-Konnect is piloting the flexible, modern publishing system with scholars, scientists and publishers in Nigeria. 

Formerly called simpleJ, Kotahi grew from being a part-time project based on the 1+1 design methodology to becoming a modern, fully-featured open publishing system that everyone can use. The name Kotahi – meaning ‘unified’ in Māori – was chosen in 2020 after Coko Founder Adam Hyde gratefully received permission from local iwi to use the term. 

Today, Kotahi is a complete, state-of-the-art publishing system supporting multiple workflows, including submission, peer review, and publishing of everything from preprints, micropubs, journals, and books to exciting innovations in publishing. And because it’s open source, there are no license costs or vendor lock-in issues to muddy the waters of ownership – it’s yours, forever.

Special mentions to Jure Triglav, Ryan Dix-Peek, Ben Whitmore and Yannis Barlas for their excellent recent work on developing the core of Kotahi and the many community members who have contributed their ideas, technical expertise, and willingness to get involved. Kotahi is built and released openly by the community for the community: it’s the critical differentiation that makes it a best of breed publishing system. 

Thank you also to Kotahi sponsors Amnet, Eko-Konnect, Cloud68, eLife and Sciety for their ongoing support, belief and collaboration to help the open access sector build outstanding modern infrastructure that feeds into the broader publishing community and benefits everyone.

To get involved and improve how research is shared or explore exciting new ways of publishing, you can join the Kotahi community conversation. Or, to find out more, contact