Re-introducing Charlie

Adam Hyde Sep 11, 2019

I’m very happy to announce that Charlie Ablett will be our latest addition to the Coko Advisory Board.

Charlie was part of the early Coko team building the INK software which we still use today. After the INK development was completed Charlie worked on various interesting projects before settling into a great position as Senior Backend Engineer at GitLab (we are fans!).

Charlies’s experience as a developer is vast and spans a variety of programming languages and technologies, in both academia and industry. Her focus is solving difficult problems with well-designed solutions, and her skill set also includes facilitation, mentorship and Agile project management. As mentioned above, Charlie now works at GitLab, and in her spare time she enjoys making furniture with traditional hand tools, hanging upside-down from aerial silks, and wrangling two very active daughters.

For a long time I’ve been hoping to bring Charlie back into Coko somehow and now, finally, we get a chance to work together again. I feel very honored Charlie is joining the Advisory Board. I often ask Charlie for her insights on various matters anyway but now it’s official and shes obliged to share her thoughts! I’ll be picking up the phone often and asking Charlie for her advice and thoughts as we steer Coko into an awesome future.

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