Questioning everything!

This month, Learned Publishing released an issue exploring the future of scholarly publishing titled ‘Question Everything.’ Being the curious individuals we are, it seemed like the perfect venue to submit some of the explorations we’ve undertaken. We are proud to share the following two articles our team contributed to within this issue:

Can we transform scholarly publishing using open source and community-owned infrastructure?

In this article, Co-founder Kristen Ratan and Alison O’Connell explore the possibilities that the intersection of open source and community participation hold for scholarly communications.

How can we ensure visibility and diversity in research contributions? How the Contributor Role Taxonomy (CRediT) is helping the shift from authorship to contributorship

In this article, Alison O’Connell collaborates with CRediT community visionaries Liz Allen (F1000) and Veronique Kiermer (PLOS) to advocate for the adoption of CRediT, and share updates on the taxonomy– including a preview of some early research efforts utilizing CRediT data. CRediT is built into the PubSweet-based micro publications platform that Coko is developing in collaboration with CalTech’s Wormbase.

We are totally humbled to be included in the company of such forward thinking colleagues published in the this issue. Read the full issue.