Quarterly Review

Sep 30, 2019

In mid June, we announced a new management structure for Coko. It has been just 3 months, but we thought it might be interesting to look back over this short period to assess what we have achieved so far. Here goes!

Renewed Partnership Commitments

A few weeks after our new management structure was in place, we celebrated the renewal of our partnership with Caltech for a second year developing their PubSweet-based micropublications platform. In early September, we were very happy to reaffirm our key stakeholder’s commitment to the PubSweet community. More news about this coming soon!

IMLS Funding and the Open Textbook Network Partnership

Also in early July, we secured and announced an IMLS-funded partnership with the Open Textbook Network. The project focuses on workflows for Open Education Resources and we are very much looking forward to our project kick-off ahead of the Editoria Community Meeting in December.

Launched the Open Publishing Awards

In August, we announced the Open Publishing Awards – a celebration of all things Open in Publishing. The awards nomination period opened for one month, and is now with the judges’ for one month’s deliberation. During the nomination period, we received more than 200 nominations! Then, on October 15, ahead of the FORCE meeting in Edinburgh, we will celebrate all successful projects. Come join us at the drinks reception, at 5:30 p.m., at the Grosvenor Edinburgh Hotel lounge. We also were extremely happy to have an amazing group of people to work with us on this as judges – Adele Vrana, Anasuya Sengupta, Ann Michael, Cameron Neylon – Chair, Danielle Robinson, Gimena del Rio Riande, John Chodacki, Natasha Simons, Neil Chue Hong, Siko Bouterse, and Tony Wasserman.

New Advisory Board Members

In the last month or so we have been working hard to add more folks to our Coko Advisory Board, adding Heidi Erceg and Charlie Ablett. Also, we have added Alison McGonagle-O’Connell to the board (Alison starts her new consultancy Oct 1). More newcomers joining soon! Stay tuned!

Added New Staff

We have added Raewyn Whyte, Patricia Wagner and Anne Erika-Schmidt to the Coko team. Stay tuned as we will introduce them to you in more detail in the next weeks!

Launch of PubSource

To further cement our commitment to open source in this sector we have also committed ourselves to publishing a mostly weekly roundup of all things open in publishing – PubSource. Edition 10 coming soon! If you have news send to pubsource@coko.foundation or drop it in the mattermost channel.


New brand identity

In August, we rolled out our new brand identity. We asked you to please call us Coko, and shared our majestic new logo design with the world. Many thanks to Henrik van Leeuwen for this amazing logo!

Two PubSweet Meets and New Community Members!

August 29 and 30, we held a PubSweet Technical Community Meeting in Cambridge, UK. We welcomed all organizations building with PubSweet to attend, present, participate, and also do some punting on the river! A good time was had by all. We also had our first-ever (formerly named) xpub-Steering Committee dinner with key stakeholders ahead of the meeting to discuss strategic issues relating to PubSweet’s sustainability. The PubSweet community has welcomed many new members including Digital Science who have made two PubSweet platforms already! Also attending for the first time were Sage’s Tech Lab and Cour des comptes (the French Court of Audit).

Third Editoria Community Meeting plans and a new Advisory Group!

We announced plans to host the third Editoria Community Meeting on December 3 & 4 in Chicago, Illinois. We have also announced the formation of the Editoria Advisory Group, and plan to convene this group for the first time on site at the meeting. We also conducted our second Editoria community roadmap call for proposals and had over 40 proposals from 7 organizations. More news on the completion of this roadmap, and the rollout of the next version of Editoria, soon!

Simplified website and messaging

As part of our transformation from what we were to what we are, we decided to simplify our website, and changed the structure of our offerings. As a result, we are Coko, yes, but our focus is on PubSweet – technology and community. Some projects (Wax, XSweet, Paged.js) are moving to newly formed Cabbage Tree Labs (more about this soon!), and individual platforms that the Coko dev team is building, like Editoria and Micropublications.org, are members of the PubSweet community alongside the other dozen or so platforms built on PubSweet.

Upward trending web metrics

Our web traffic and social media metrics are encouraging. For example, we have increased our Tweet impressions by 110% over the last three months against the same period last year. In the last three months, we have increased our Twitter following by about 20-25% and this month we’ve observed record social media impressions- across Twitter and our newly reinvigorated Linked In organization page- since we started. It’s not the most effective way to survey the effect of outreach, but its a good indicator of a positive trend.

Collective68 and Indie.Host Partnerships

We have entered some very interesting agreements with Collective68 and Indie.host. Stay tuned!

…All while globetrotting and spreading the word

We did this all while keeping up an ambitious travel schedule that included stops in New Zealand, San Francisco, London, Cambridge (UK), Cambridge (US), Oxford, North Carolina, Montenegro, Albania, Nashville, Slovenia, San Diego, Croatia, Denmark, Paris, New York, Brussels, Vancouver, Boston, Montreal and probably more. We’ve presented at Digital Book World, LPF, CSE, SSP, ISMTE, ALPSP Conference, PubMet, an EIFL Webinar, PeerReview Week 2019, and participated in many awesome meetings including GitLab Commit, VIVO!, ISMTE, COASP and others.

And More to Come…

All in all, we feel it’s quite possibly the most productive three month period Coko has had since we launched in 2015. We are getting after it because we love what we do, and we are strongly driven by our message to help publishing to help itself. All that with a staff of only 8, and in 3 short months. There are a few things we haven’t announced yet as we need to line up all our ducks before announcing, but you can be sure they are pretty exciting! Stay tuned for Editoria release announcements very soon, the launch of Editoria Express, the launch of Cabbage Tree Labs, news on the exciting evolution of the PubSweet framework, more partnerships, new team members, and much more!