Coko Key Stakeholders Summit

Adam Hyde Aug 28, 2019

The original stakeholders of the Coko community – eLife, Hindawi, EBI and Coko met together in Cambridge, UK last night for dinner and to plan the next steps for the community. The discussions focused on the future of PubSweet and Coko in general.

This meeting of key stakeholders precedes the quarterly PubSweet community event organised and facilitated by Coko. Present were (left to right) Paul Shannon (Head of Technology, eLife), Mark Patterson (Executive Director of eLife – seated), Jure Triglav (PubSweet Lead Dev), Audrey Hamelers (Data wrangler/Journal Content Specialist, EBI), Andrew Smeall (Chief Digital Officer, Hindawi), and Adam Hyde (Coko Founder).

It was a great meeting and we’ll be writing more about the outcomes as we go forward!

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