PubSource #14: Open Source Code Vault, Latin America’s New Open Partnership, and Sprint Lab

Nov 15, 2019

Open Source Code Vault

Open source code from GitHub is to be housed in an Arctic Code Vault as part of the GitHub Archive Program which aims to store and preserve open source software for posterity. The code vault is located in Svalbard, Norway, where permafrost provides near-constant extremely cold conditions. GitHub repositories are estimated to be currently used by more than 40 million developers; the first snapshot of public repository code will take place on February 2, 2020. followed by regular additions.
More information here.

Open Source Partnerships Strengthened in Latin America

A new partnership to advance and promote open source communities in Latin America has been formed by LYRASIS and LA Referencia. The goal of the partnership is to support adoption and engagement with vital open source, community-supported technologies and programs designed to manage scholarly communication, shared data and digital repositories.
Further information here.

SprintLab Launched

Book Sprints have announced the launch of a new forum, SprintLab, for exploring all things related to the production of collaborative knowledge. Five such projects pushing the limits of facilitation methodologies and rapid, collaborative content production took place during 2019. If you have a project which can benefit either from the zero-to-book-in-5days approach, or from SprintLab opportunities, Book Sprints would welcome your contact.


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