Pub Source #10: Open Access, the cost of formatting, group annotation, and more

Oct 8, 2019

Open Access to Academic Books

Science Europe has released a briefing paper which  identifies the key issues at stake in implementing a policy of Open Access to academic books and outlines recommendations for different stakeholder groups to facilitate and accelerate such a policy. Download the paper here.

A Roadmap to Open Access for Aotearoa

An ambitious roadmap to openness, sharing and equity in research and education in Aotearoa New Zealand as part of the global commons has been published by Tohatoha Aotearoa Commons. It can be downloaded here.

Issues in academic publishing: the cost of formatting

A recent survey analyzed the cost  [time (hours) and cost (wage per hour x time)] associated with formatting a research paper for publication in a peer-reviewed academic journal. Results are detailed here. The median number of publications formatted per year was four. Manuscripts required a median of two attempts before they were accepted for publication. The median formatting time was 14 hours per manuscript, or 52 hours per person, per year. This resulted in a median calculated cost of US$477 per manuscript or US$1,908 per person, per year. Inserting a little editorial – we are not entirely convinced by this paper but it’s a start.

Group annotation tool

The Manifold Reader V4.0. now makes it possible to create reading groups and for readers to annotate texts publicly, privately, or anonymously. Ideal for small group assignments in class, or for getting feedback on a draft text, The new standalone mode also allows creators to set up projects that appear without the library. New bug fixes, Docker support and increased accessibility are also a feature of V4.0. Nice work!

Coko Foundation Quarterly Review, September 2019

The Coko Foundation reports on achievements since their new management structure was put in place 3 months ago.

Jobs: Executive Director

Dryad is seeking an Executive Director. The ideal candidate has proven experience working within the open data and open science communities and the ability to expand partnerships with journals, scientific societies, research institutions, libraries, and funding organizations.


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