Peer Review Week 2018: We’re havin’ a party!

Here in the Cokoverse, supporting peer review workflow with open source technology is the core of what we do! When we heard that the focus of this year’s Peer Review Week celebration is Diversity and Inclusion in Review, we could hardly contain our excitement and went straight into planning mode!

Open source naturally lends itself to increased diversity across organization types, geographic regions, subject matter, business models, peer review models, research outputs – you name it, and our use cases for books, journals, and micropublications support it!

Together with our community, we invite you to our Peer Review Week webinar showcasing the diverse and collaborative nature of xPub in the context of peer review. Coko’s Co-Founder and Executive Director Kristen Ratan will moderate; our presenters include Hannah Drury of eLife, Andrew Smeall of Hindawi, and Dan Morgan of University of California Press’ Collabra Psychology. Each presenter will discuss their organization’s unique approaches to Peer Review with an eye toward Diversity and Inclusion. The webinar will invite open discussion between attendees and presenters who are all working together using Coko’s Open Source infrastructure to support peer review.

Please join us on September 12 for what promises to be an hour of lively discussion about all of the different models of peer review our community member presenters employ, and the open source, modular tools they are building within their own xPub deployments.

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