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Coko facilitates publishers, funders, developers, researchers, service providers, authors, vendors, and open publishing projects of all kinds to come together to improve publishing.

This community shares a common vision – better, faster, more cost effective publishing.

The events are always fun, community minded,  and extremely rewarding for all involved.


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    Open Publishing Awards

    The annual Open Publishing Awards celebrate software and content in publishing that use open licenses but also, importantly, provide a chance to reflect on the strategic value of openness. Why is ‘open’ valuable in the publishing sector? The Awards were first established in 2019 with 215 nominations and 11 projects were established with an award. The Award ceremony took place at Force11, Edinburgh.

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    Open Publishing Fest

    Open Publishing Fest celebrates communities developing open creative, scholarly, technological, and civic publishing projects. Together, we find new ground to share our ideas. This is at once a collaborative and distributed event. Sessions are hosted by individuals and organizations around the world as panel discussions, fireside chats, demonstrations, and performances. We connect those points to bring them in conversation with one another and map out what’s next. We seek to build networks of resilience and care for people working on new ways to develop and share knowledge.

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    Coko co-ordinates and facilitates the twice annual Editoria community meetings. In these 2 day meetings we bring together publishers using, or interested in using, Editoria and discuss experiences, best practices and new features. Often during these meetings we facilitate the community to work together to write feature proposals for the next development phase of Editoria. Increasingly these meetings are also attended by organisations developing heir own Editoria extensions.

    Additionally, presentations from other softwares in this space are invited (eg. Manifold, paged.js, Fulcrum) to present their platforms and educate the community to the wide variety of interesting and useful open source softwares in this space. These meetings are generally in North America although a European meeting is currently being planned.

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    3 times a year we hold PubSweet community meetings. These are generally held in Cambridge, UK, as many of the organizations building software with PubSweet are based in Cambridge. The meetings focus on best practices for developing with PubSweet as well as how to improve the framework for the community. Increasingly the meetings focus on what has been learned building publishing platforms, and experiences that can help others build publishing platforms quickly and efficiently.

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    Coko facilitates the Kotahi community through a mailing list and face to face gatherings. We just launched this community in the second quarter of 2021. More to come!

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