PagedMedia Announcement

The following announcement is regarding, which is a project started by Adam Hyde, Coko CoFounder, and funded by the Shuttleworth Foundation. It is not a Coko project as such, but closely affiliated! Please distribute widely!

PagedMedia Announcement

PagedMedia is a project to educate and inspire publishers to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to produce print and paginated electronic content. The project goal is to develop a suite of Javascripts to paginate HTML/CSS in the browser, and to apply PagedMedia controls to paginated content for the purposes of exporting print ready, or display friendly, PDF from the browser. This will be an Open Source initiative, appropriately licensed with the MIT license. is launching a new community-led development meeting at MIT Press on January 9, 2018. 

The January meeting will be the first meeting of the project and attending will be:

  • Adam Hyde (Coko/ Fellow)
  • Dave Cramer (Hachette/ Publishing Work Group)
  • Nellie McKesson (Hederis/W3C PWG)
  • Terry Ehling (MIT Press)
  • Erich van Rijn (University of California Press)
  • Kathi Flectcher (OpenStax/Shuttleworth Fellow)
  • Hugh McGuire (PressBooks/W3C PWG)
  • Arthur Attwell (Fire and Lion/Shuttleworth Fellow)
  • Tzviya Siegman (Wiley/W3C PWG)
  • Travis Rich (pubpub)
  • Fred Chasen ( Press/W3C PWG)
  • Julie Blanc (
  • Phil Schatz (OpenStax)
  • Julien Taquet (Coko/
  • Ned Zimmerman (PressBooks)
  • Carly Strasser (Coko)
  • Wendell Piez

For further information please contact: The agenda can be found at

What’s the relationship between the Pagedmedia project and Coko? The Javascripts developed by the project can be used by Coko projects like Editoria, an open source, end-to-end, authoring, editing and workflow tool specifically for book production. It is also useful for automated generation of PDF for journal articles. is funded by the Shuttleworth Foundation.

About the Author

Adam Hyde

Co-founder, Coko Foundation

Adam brings technical leadership and pioneering insights into collaborative knowledge production methods and technologies. Adam was awarded the 2015 and 2016 Shuttleworth Fellowship with the goal of building an open source publishing framework.