OS Bazaar – Berlin 2017

Coko Foundation Staff Dec 7, 2017

On October 23rd 2017 in Berlin, we held a one day FORCE pre-meeting open source bazaar in partnership with Hypothesis.  The day opened with a discussion on about replacing our currently siloed scholarly communications platforms and tools with a new ecosystem of open source technologies. This is the only way to transform the sector at scale, which is a job too large for any one organization or company.

Kristen opened the day with the key themes:

John Chodacki kept the day moving as the MC and we saw demos and presentations from an incredible lineup of projects:

Oh and don’t forget, we also had a celebration and product showcase during lunch from groups across the annotation community: SciLite, Hypothesis/SciBot, Pundit, Xpansa, PaperHive, eLife, Profeza) and others.  All in one day!

The tweets are all at #osbazaar. One tweet captured the essence of the day

Kristen summarized the day at a session at FORCE with this presentation:

Was the inaugural OS bazaar a rousing success? Was a good time had by all? Yes and yes. Any opportunity to come together and hear updates from the community about the incredible projects under development. We’re already looking forward to OS Bazaar #2!

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