Open Source tools we use

We run all our systems on open source tools. We build open infrastructure on open infrastructure. Here is an incomplete list:

This is where the code for all our projects lives. It works like GitHub except better and it’s not owned by Microsoft! You can create your own account.

Where all of the community chats to each other. It is like Slack but better! There are a number of channels you can join. Mostly work orientated but also some for fun (Radio Coko for example). You can create your own account. There are also mobile and desktop apps for mattermost.

Coko’s shared drive of documents. This is for Coko team members only. It is a cool software though. Nextcloud is like a google drive but not owned by Google! You can store files and collaboratively edit documents. There are mobile and desktop sync apps available for Nextcloud.

If you need help with installing one of the applications or using one of libraries, or want to make an announcement that could be interesting for the Coko community you should start a discussion in discourse. This is preferred over simply asking on mattermost, as it will make it more discoverable for people that experience similar difficulties in the future. You can create your own account. There are mobile apps for discourse.

We use Jitsi for all calls. It is a browser based video conferencing app. It doesn’t need an account. Jitsi also has mobile apps.

An interesting new addition to our toolbox. Attendize is like an open source eventbrite. We’ll test it out and see how it goes.

The Coko site is built on WordPress.

We are also in the process of transferring management of all our ‘internal’ (as per above) systems to Cloud68. We highly recommend them.