Open Publishing Fest Thanks

Jun 14, 2020

There are many people Coko would like to thank for the wonderful success of the Open Publishing Fest.

First, thanks to Dan Rudmann for organising it with us. Dan has been a wonderful collaborator. Easy to work with, excellent at community building, and full of awesome ideas.

Thanks also to John Chodacki for helping to shape the idea as well as hosting some Fireside Chats with the wonderful Cameron Neylon (thanks Cameron!).

Julien Taquet from Coko deserves special thanks for all the hard work put into building the website. Julien literally wrote the code for the site as we couldn’t find anything that did what we needed. The code is open source and you are welcome to use it and improve it. Julien also took the amazing designs from the talented Kevin Muñoz and made a very awesome looking fest website. We had a lot of very positive feedback about the joyful nature of the site and this is thanks to Julien and Kevin.

Karen Yook, Daniela Raciti, Todd Harris, Martin Eve, Chris Hartgerink, Christine Fruin all were the original tent curators before we sent out an open call. The crew (Karen, Daniela, Todd) went the extra mile and organised performers who wrote songs for their sessions! Amazing. Many thanks to Chris too for putting on several events.

A big thanks to Boris Budini, Redon Skikuli, Silva Arapi and the rest of the amazing Cloud68 crew. Cloud68 provided the servers for the event and went the extra mile and set up Big Blue Button servers (open source video conf app) for the fest AND trained all the folks that used BBB for their fest event. Patient, kind, and generous – we truly appreciate the Cloud68 crew and thoroughly recommend them for any hosting of open source apps that you might need.

Thanks to Elisa Cucinelli for the awesome fest promo vids.

Many thanks to Precious Paula Nicole and the absolutely amazing COVID Gurls … they performed everyday for the fest from the Philippines and were an absolute highlight. Amazing! If you are looking for truly astonishing performers for your event we highly recommend the COVID Girls.

Many thanks also to Barbara Rühling, Book Sprints CEO, for introducing us to the COVID Gurls and for helping us think through the fest.

Many many thanks to Radio Andidoto for being awesome and putting on a heap of cool stuff during the event. An awesome bunch of people, kind, generous, fun, and reliably and lovingly old school 🙂

Thanks thanks to all those that put events on. We expected about 30 events, and all up there were over 150 events. Incredible.

The feeling of the event was amazing. We had only a few sessions affected by zoom bombing – unfortunately one event had some terrible material bombed into it. We condemn this practice and the content associated with it and it bewilders us why bombers would do such a thing. We thoroughly recommend anyone considering events in the future to consider using Big Blue Button which is less susceptible to these actions (give Cloud68 a call for hosted BBB).

However, apart from that one event people were kind to each other and generated a sense of respect and warm community. We did this to put a little spark and charm into the geographically dispersed, richly diverse, multilingual, open publishing community during these bleak times. It seems that it worked. It was a thrill to see people hanging out after some of the events had finished and chatting to each other in the vid calls. For us it was truly an honor to have everyone involved and the feedback we have received has put some awesome positive energy into our days – which is all we can ask for.

Many thanks to everyone that put on events and participated. Looking forward to the next one!!!