Open Publishing Awards Nominations are now Open!

Aug 20, 2019

For the next four weeks, you may make nominations for the Open Publishing Awards!

Categories include Open Source Software and Open Content. Anyone can make nominations, and self-nominations are encouraged.

Within Open Source Software, the judges will review nominated projects within the Publishing sector. This can include publishing platforms, repositories, curatorial management systems, peer-review systems, pre-print platforms, and tools that are used further down the line by authors and researchers such as notebooks, data analyzing tools, editors etc. The only criteria is that the project uses an open source license (such as those defined by the Open Source Initiative). Nominations may be for a project or organization.

Within Open Content, judges are interested in nominations from across all content types emanating from the Publishing sector, including Open Access articles, open monographs, Open Educational Resource Materials, open data, open textbooks etc. The only criteria is that the project uses an open content license (such as Creative Commons or similar). Nominations may be for a single work or group (in the form of a collection, project or organisation).

All nominations will be reviewed by our panel of judges, who will decide which projects to recognize and celebrate when results are announced in October at FORCE 2019. They may decide to break down categories, creating sub-categories for projects deserving of special mention. This is all about recognition and celebration!

“I was inspired by the Africa Check Awards a friend started, and at the same time I was thinking about how to celebrate and promote ‘the strategic power of open’ in the Publishing sector,” said Adam Hyde, Founder of Coko. “The Open Publishing Awards combines these ideas together. What was cool was, once we took the idea to the community, in discussing with Cameron and others, the response was really fantastic. There is so much interest in celebrating these efforts, so Coko decided to get behind it and do it.”

“I’m excited to be part of the inaugural Open Publishing Awards” commented Judging Panel Chair Cameron Neylon. “I’ve been in this space a long time, supporting and advocating for open approaches in publishing. This is a great opportunity to increase the visibility of those doing the work, and to celebrate it. A real commitment to open approaches is not trivial but it is so important for building the publishing system we aspire to having.”

What are you waiting for? Submit a nomination today.