Notes From Our All Things Coko Meeting in London

Dec 10, 2018

From December 5 – 7, the Coko community and those curious to learn more about us convened in London for presentations, discussions, user centered design sessions, even an update Book Sprint for our PubSweet book. The best summary of the week is to say that All Things Coko truly were on display, and open for discussion!

  On the 5th, around 50 attendees from funding organizations, publishers- both society and commercial, service providers, industry consultants and thought leaders came together to learn more about  Coko and be introduced to PubSweet and to view the platforms being constructed using this cutting edge open source infrastructure.

Attendees watched break out demonstrations of xPub-Hindawi, xPub-eLife, eLife’s Libero, xPub-Collabra, Editoria, Wormbase’s Micropubs platform, and xPub-Europe PMC in the high-energy ‘speed-geeking’ sessions.

Key highlights from the day include:

  • There are nine different platforms being built from the PubSweet platform tool-kit, representing four separate use cases: journals, books, aggregator, micropublications
  • There are service providers stepping up to offer Coko software as a hosted service
  • The change in culture in working on shared, open source solutions is a communication challenge, one we can work together to address

The group agreed it was particularly useful to catch up on All Things Coko using this format, and suggested quarterly update calls to keep the group connected between this meeting, which is set to occur annually. We enjoyed networking and sharing reactions to the day with one another.

On the 6th, the fun continued, as our PubSweet technical community reunited at Hindawi Ltd to update the PubSweet book. Many organizations in attendance Wednesday elected to have break out, focused sessions with the team. For example, the Micropubs team engaged in a collaborative design session on Wednesday evening.

On the 7th, the PubSweet technical community met at eLife’s office in Cambridge. Coko Co-founder Adam Hyde facilitated this meeting, which occurs about every 4 months to work through shared technical issues. In this meeting, there were three new projects represented. These are all projects building on top of PubSweet, which makes a total of 13 publishing platforms (that we know of). Incredible. Even more incredible was that we only started the PubSweet community a year ago and now 9 orgs in total are building on PubSweet.