New Sponsor Announcement: Welcoming Crossref to the Open Publishing Awards!

We are delighted to announce Crossref as our first sponsor for the Open Publishing Awards 2021.  

Crossref is improving scholarly communications with open infrastructure, tools and services. It is a vibrant community of members from 140  countries, rallying behind a commitment to openness and collaboration and sharing the Coko vision of a better, faster, more equitable publishing ecosystem. 

Ginny Hendricks, Director of Member and Community Outreach at Crossref, said:

It makes complete sense for Crossref to be the first official supporter of the Open Publishing Awards, whose founding in 2019 we wish we’d thought of ourselves!

Many of our members and integrators around the world are likely to be among those nominated and we want to recognize our community in their efforts to make research easier to find, use, and reuse.

The Coko community is thrilled to welcome Crossref and its members on board as we celebrate diversity and excellence in open publishing content, software, systems and infrastructure. 

If you’d like to help shape this year’s Open Publishing Awards and join Crossref as a sponsor, contributor or supporter, get in touch via email:

Stay tuned for more details over the coming weeks!