New Editoria Release – Oia

Jun 22, 2020

Oia is the name of the latest Editoria release out today. Oia is part of the municipality of Santorini, Greece. Alex Georgantas, Coko Dev and lead Editoria developer has been hard at work over the last months and we are proud to announce the release of Editoria Oia!

There have been many new features, and some fixes, added to Editoria in this release, however the main item is the new Asset manager. The Asset Manager takes Editoria along a lot of new paths which pushes the tool further into a league of its own wen it comes to professional book creation tools.

The Asset Manager allows for workflow surrounding artwork and media embedded into books. This comes with a complete overhaul of the file storage and export mechanisms. In short the work included:

  1. Update to newer version of PubSweet suit
  2. Introduction of File server
    1. Now all the files uploaded in Editoria a stored in a separate secure server responsible entirely for file hosting
    2. S3 protocol integration for interchangeable use of Amazon file hosting if preferred instead of Editoria’s newly introduced one (Minio)
    3. Restricted access to assets based on time leases and user’s identity authentication
  3. Overhaul of templates implementation in order to take advantage of the new file server
  4. Heavy Modifications on Editoria’s export functionalities in order to take advantage of the new file server
  5. Introduction of Asset Manager
    1. Users can upload their assets per book in a convenient way
    2. A variety of uploaded images properties are extracted and presented like density, dimensions, color space, size etc
    3. Indication of when an asset is used or not used in a chapter
    4. Sorting of assets based on date and filename
    5. Change of assets name and ability to add an alternative text of web accessibility
    6. Bulk upload of assets available
    7. Bulk deletion of assets
    8. Under the hood for each image asset three versions are created by default (small, medium, original) for improved performance when previewing or when users want to keep shareable exports in a small size (epub, pdf)
  6. Editor
    1. Integration with the asset manager
    2. Ability to add multiple assets at once

This is major new functionality and we are very proud of this release and the amazing work Alexis has done.

This new release paves the way for some incredible future features including:

  1. storage of additional media assets eg video
  2. conditional rendering of media dependent on target format (eg rendering video as links in PDF output)
  3. further enhancements in accessibility around images and media assets eg long form image descriptions etc
  4. further workflow enhancements around the management of media and art in books
  5. further addition of metadata regarding media assets in books
  6. copyright sign off on media

The Asset Manager is an important addition to the Editoria core and had come about through facilitation of the Editoria community to co-design the feature. The Editoria community, Alexis, and Dione Mentis (who created the final summary Feature Proposal) are all to be thanked for their contributions towards this much anticipated release.

For more information please email Coko Founder Adam Hyde We would be pleased to show you a demo.

Code available here-