A look at the future of journals with xpub

Coko Foundation Staff Sep 8, 2017

The Coko team has been hard at work on the xpub-Collabra journal platform. Below you can take a first look at a mockup of one of the components:

It’s built on top of PubSweet, the community-driven platform-building toolkit, and the result above is based on the design brief you can check out here.

It’s all open source and If you want to try it out, just install xpub-collabra: https://gitlab.coko.foundation/xpub/xpub


xpub is in early and rapid development, and installing does require a basic understanding of NodeJS installation (see the Readme) for an overview of the initial set of components available. To stay on top of the discussion as xpub evolves, join the Coko chat channel.

Via Coko co-founder Adam Hyde’s blog.

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