Micropubs – PubSweet community demo

Jure Triglav Apr 14, 2020

Our PubSweet community has decided to record and share the demos we usually do during our regular in-person meetings. Here’s the first in a series of demos – micropublications.

For more information about micropublications, you can check out their website and the project’s code. It’s built with the PubSweet open source publishing framework and developed by Coko’s Yannis Barlas. For more information on this platform or if you would like Coko to build your publishing platform then please contact Coko Founder Adam Hyde (adam@coko.foundation).

Design Facilitation : Adam Hyde (Coko)
Design Team: Yannis Barlas (Coko), Daniela Raciti (Micropublications.org), Karen Yook (Micropublications.org), Todd Harris (Micropublications.org)
Lead Developer: Yannis Barlas (Coko)
Dev Support: Nick Stiffler (Micropublications.org)

Stay tuned for more!


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