microPublication.org platform in live use     

In 2017, microPublication.org partnered with Coko to develop the Open Source submission and review platform of their dreams. Coko developer Yannis Barlas began working in earnest to make these dreams come true.

Picture from the very first facilitated design session (Workflow Sprint) with microPublication.org. Facilitated by Adam Hyde. Picture shows the team designing their own platform.

Today, we are happy to confirm that the system is now in live use by the journal microPublication Biology. Based on PubSweet – Coko’s open source and community driven publishing framework – the platform provides a complete workflow from manuscript submission, editorial review, author proofing, to acceptance. Novel features include CRediT integration, detailed and atomized notifications for stakeholders, and will be featured within a presentation at PIDapalooza in Lisbon, Portugal this week.

These teams will continue to work together to optimize and further develop the system. Starting with articles focused on nematode biology, microPublication Biology has expanded to other model organism communities such as Drosophila, Xenopus, yeast, and Arabidopsis and is planning to expand soon to other communities.

“We are very excited to see our vision realized, and implemented for real world use by our authors” commented Daniela Raciti, microPublication Managing Editor, California Institute of Technology.

“I’m really pleased with this collaboration,” commented Adam Hyde, Coko Founder. “The teams involved worked very hard to keep the project moving forward successfully. I am very proud of this project, and point to it as an excellent example of what is possible within this community.”

To learn more about this, or any other PubSweet based platform, let us know. We are happy to chat to you or to connect you with others in this community.