Meet Physiome

Rapid open publication workflow needs can be substantially divergent from traditional publication workflows. There are similarities in the need to efficiently manage submission, and deliver the author a simple experience while still obtaining all the necessary files and metadata. At the same time, for rapid publications whether and how peer review is managed varies, as does publication workflow. 

Within the PubSweet community these workflows are being explored by, and Aperture. Most recently, Digital Science’s Innovation Hub began experimenting with PubSweet code to develop a workflow for the Physiome Project’s Physiome Journal, which is affiliated with the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

Physiome is a journal committed to reproducibility and reusability of mathematical models of physiological processes. Every article published in Physiome is connected to a curated and permanent version of the model code with a persistent identifier. Through the Physiome paper, the code necessary to run the model is easily accessible by just clicking a link, to be reused as it is or as a module in a larger model. It is also connected to a primary paper published in a field specific journal, where the validation and scientific value of the model is discussed.

The workflow prototype to support Physiome includes submission of images and data that comprise these models as well as key metadata, including DOIs. The workflow also allows for reproducibility review and decision workflow, and deposits the published work in to FigShare.

Physiome launches in August/September 2019. Review the Physiome Journal and Prototype Presentation.