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These branding guidelines will help you determine the best way to use the Coko logo.

Coko brand identity
These branding guidelines will help you determine the best way to use our logo.

Our logo can be used in 3 ways:
1. Logotype – Preferably used.
2. When the name ‘Coko’ has to be used in a bigger size.
3. When the glyph has to be used in a bigger size.

The glyphs can be rotated in any position desired.


Primary colours
#61C4B9 (green) = RGB 97 – 196 – 183
#7C4198 (purple) = RGB 124 – 66 – 152
#ED2C75 (pink) = RGB 235 – 47 – 117
#2F424F (dark grey) = RGB 47 – 66 – 79

Additional colours
#7CC2B8 (green) = RGB 124 – 194 – 184
#6A88BD (blue) = RGB 106 – 136 – 189
#744795 (purple) = RGB 116 – 71 – 149
#40245B (dark purple) = RGB 64 – 36 – 91
#33424E (grey) = RGB 51 – 66 – 78
#000000 (black) = RGB 0 – 0 – 0
#D74276 (pink) = RGB 215 – 66 – 118

You can use any of the 3 colours and black and white logo in the following manner:

The logotype is set in the open source Montserrat light typeface originally developed by Julieta Ulanovsky.

It is preferred to use the logotype on the right side of the glyph. If the logotype has to go below the glyph use it centered.

Spacing considerations
Keep some space between the logo and other elements.
When using the glyph please keep about 30% whitespace between other elements.

When the logo is placed inside a circle be generous with the white space.


Always try to use one-coloured backgrounds to use as background for the logo.

When placed inside an image try to position the logo on a solid coloured surface.

In Writing
Call us Coko. Just Coko. Please write Coko only with a capital C.

Coko should not be written as COKO, CoKo or coko.

Most important: Play!
Important is to have fun with the logo. What is stated above is meant as guidelines not as rules. Surprise us with your usage!


The Collaborative Knowledge Foundation has two different stickers designs.
Currently the technologies developed by the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation are INK, Editoria, PubSweet, XSweet, XPub and Wax.
These technologies have their own unique identity but still fit the overall Coko identity.

Download the full-colour INK, Editoria, PubSweet, XSweet, xPub and Wax icon set in the following formats as .zip file:
EPS, SVG and PNG as .zip file

Download the Coko logo as .zip file in multiple formats (png and jpg):
Coko logos

For the identity of PubSweet, INK and Coko we use the montserrat typeface. Download the complete family as TTF in a .zip file:

Any questions about the identity, please ask Henrik van Leeuwen via