Knowledge and Communication

Oct 30, 2015

Knowledge requires communication. How knowledge is created and shared determines our collective future. We need that knowledge to be communicated openly, completely, and correctly. When it’s not communicated completely, it loses its power. When it’s not communicated broadly it’s unfair. When it’s communicated incorrectly, it’s dangerous.

Over the Summer of 2015 in San Francisco, Adam and I conceived of the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation, a community and technology project, to address these problems by infusing the creation and sharing of knowledge with collaboration and transparency.

We decided to start by focusing on scholarly knowledge. Scholarly research communication today is uneven, slow and incomplete. We want to create a new ecosystem that enables the fair, rapid, and complete communication of research through many different channels. Everyone everywhere should be able to create, produce and share knowledge.

CKF’s goal is to start a fresh discourse and reinvent the foundational principles and technologies for knowledge creation and communication. We believe that sector transformation is only possible through collaboration so we’ll be building community as much as technology.

The community will collectively envision a new scholarly communication ecosystem that will disrupt, displace, or evolve existing publishing channels, technologies and service providers. The community will be drive the development of a new suite of tools. Adam has gathered together some amazing developers already and the coding has begun. It’s incredible to see the excitement among this team of talented developers and how quickly they are building prototypes. We’ll introduce you to them soon.

We launched the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation in October 2015 and we are building for the future of knowledge. You can be part of it.

CKF – Born Open.

Post by Kristen Ratan in collaboration with Adam Hyde.

Thanks also to Raewyn Whyte for improvements to the text.