Introducing Yannis

Nov 23, 2016


Monemvasia, Greece. Photo Bgabel at wikivoyage. CC BY-SA 3.0,

Yannis comes to us from the back of a speeding taxi on the way to a friend’s wedding in the beautiful Greek town, Monemvasia. I had landed at the Athens airport from San Francisco, very tired, and was scheduled to share a ride to the wedding. On the way, Yannis (who I hadn’t met before) kept me awake with interesting chatter and it was here I discovered that not only was he a cool guy but he was also a programmer, and I was guessing he was a pretty good one.


The wedding was awesome… and many months later, when we were looking to grow the PubSweet development team, I gave Yannis a call. Thankfully, he was interested and he and Christos (Intro post coming) joined the team.

Yannis brings full stack web development expertise to the team. His studies and work experience have taken him to different countries and on different paths. After receiving his MSc in IT in the United Kingdom, he became excited by the explosion of technologies around the web and has been working as a web developer ever since. Before joining Coko, he worked in the startup world, writing code across the full stack of the web development spectrum. At Coko, he is part of the front-end development building PubSweet components. Presently he is hard at work developing Editoria components for the University  of California Press and the Californian Digital Library. We are very lucky to have him.

Post by Adam Hyde