Introducing the Tech Team

Nov 10, 2015

The CKF is starting to grow. Our aim is build both community and technology to create sector wide change in scholarly communications.

To this end we are gathering some very talented developers together under the CKF roof. The first person we want to introduce to you is our new Lead Developer for the PubSweet Publishing Framework – Jure Triglav.

Jure might already be known to some of you as he has been very active as a programmer within publishing. You could call Jure, and many do, an open science software developer.

As it happens he has many talents which intersect nicely around publishing, research, and programming. Jure graduated from medical school, but after graduating elected instead to work as a developer for He then went on to many projects in this space including @ScienceGist, @ScienceToolbox and @ScholarNinja. Jure and I have also also worked together on solving some very interesting file conversion problems. These issues have included working on OxGarage as well as software solving the difficult MathType to MathML conversion problem (

For the Coko Foundation Jure is in charge of building the PubSweet Publishing Framework. PubSweet is an existing software, having been developed originally by Juan Gutierrez of Book Sprints and it has been around for many years. It’s now time for a rebuild. PubSweet is re-forming from a book-only production software into something much more flexible. Essentially you can think of PubSweet as a de-coupled CMS. It’s a modular architecture that enables you to build a myriad of different solutions for different use cases. Enticing? We hope so! Watch this blog to understand more about what exactly we mean by this.

We expect the development to be driven by the needs of the Coko community. So I expect many reading this will come in direct contact with Jure and the rest of the team very soon!

In the meantime we are very lucky to have Jure as part of Coko and you can reach him directly at He also has his own blog here and his twitter account is @juretriglav

If you are at the CrossRef meeting in Nov Jure will be there demonstrating some exciting ideas with a particular focus on CrossRef API integrations.

More soon!


Post by Adam Hyde