Introducing Charlie

Jun 16, 2016


It is with great pleasure that we welcome Charlie Ablett to the Coko team.

Charlie Ablett brings 14 years of academic and industry experience writing excellent software, focusing on solving difficult problems. Charlie has completed projects on three continents for a wide range of businesses and initiatives, including manufacturing, government, nonprofit, alternative currencies, heavy machinery, and robotics, among many others.

Skilled with facilitation, governance of self-organising groups, diversity initiatives, and mentorship, Charlie values and actively creates organisational environments that foster self-improvement and bring out the best in everyone. You can find Charlie in the inner core of Enspiral (, a network which brings together professionals from a variety of industries to collaborate on projects with a positive social impact.

Charlie volunteers as an organiser and coach in workshops bringing tech education to rural areas in Tasman and would like to see all ages have a chance to understand more about software development and how programmers solve problems regardless of location. Charlie has been involved in organising Rails Girls events all over New Zealand, which are workshops aiming to help women get into the world of software development.

When not writing code, Charlie enjoys making music (taiko, classical piano, and cello), permaculture and topsoil regeneration, and traditional hand tool woodwork.

Charlie is the new Lead Developer for INK – which is something you will hear about in the weeks to come!


Post by Adam Hyde