Increase transparency by adding CRediT to workflow with PubSweet

In the PubSweet Community we are about contribution and reuse. Meanwhile, the CRediT taxonomy is all about transparently recognizing contributions to research. As such, we are pleased to announce that CRediT is implemented within CalTech’s Wormbase Micropublications platform, which is developed using PubSweet. This means that all other organizations within the community who are also building PubSweet platforms can leverage this modular component in their workflow. This is what we mean when we say that contributed components enrich the offering (and can speed development time) for all organizations joining and developing platforms subsequently.

We recently participated in a workshop to discuss current state of CRediT and explore potential next steps for the taxonomy. PubSweet components exist for other industry standards such as MECA and ORCID. To learn more about community-led standards and how PubSweet platforms support their adoption and use in workflow, please send us a note.