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Coko are experts in publishing platform design and development. We have a PDF of our Dev Services here for you to share.

Publishing Platform Development

If you need a team to build your publishing platform we can help. The Coko team has built many publishing platforms for books, micropublications, content-aggregation services, and journals. We have also consulted on the development of many publishing platforms built by organizations with their own development team.

Our experience extends the entire scope of development from product design, to product management, development and deployment. The Coko team can provide the entire end-to-end development process, or we can help with consultancy or augmenting your existing team. Since this is not our first rodeo and we are a specialist publishing platform development team we are very fast and efficient. Additionally, we are a not-for-profit and our goal is to change publishing so we offer extremely competitive rates to not-for-profit publishers.

Workflow Sprints

If you would like to understand what kind of platform your organization needs but are not yet ready to commit to development then consider contracting us for our 1 day Workflow Sprint. An understanding of workflow is a critical first step towards building a publishing platform. Workflow Sprints are a facilitated process that guides your team to rapidly (in one day!) understand and design an optimum workflow for your project, and in the same day design a high level architecture that maps your vision to software. This process can help unify your team’s vision for what you are about to build and save you months of work.

Funding Partnerships

We are always open to new funding collaborations and can partner on grant proposals to ensure mutual success. Funders want deliverables and we have a proven successful track record with funded projects to give your funders confidence around their deliverable requirements.




From early stage product design, co-development, and custom solutions – find out more about the range of projects on which Coko is working.