We assist a wide range of organisations to design and build their publishing platforms

Working With Us

Coko are experts on healthy, best practices for Open Source in publishing. While we maintain PubSweet, we also offer options to build platforms from conceptualization through build and release. 

Further, we also offer these following services, individually or grouped, to complementary projects and technologies developing within our space:

Custom Development

If you need a team to build your publishing platform we can help. We can both recommend community members which offer these services (such as Thinslices) or the Coko development team can custom develop publishing platforms with you. If you are interested in building with PubSweet, but aren’t sure how to build or extend your development team, contact us!

Workflow Sprints

An understanding of workflow is a critical first step towards building a publishing platform. Workflow Sprints is a facilitated process that guides your team to rapidly (in one day!) understand and design an optimum workflow for your project, and in the same day design a high level architecture that maps your vision to software. This process can help unify your team’s vision for what you are about to build and save you months of work.

Open Source Mentoring and Consultancy

New to Open Source or wish to improve how you currently do things? Want to understand how you can get the most out of working with Open Source communities? Benefit from our experience building successful Open Source projects in this space via our mentoring and consultancy. This can take many forms, from a beginners guide on how to work with Open Source projects such as PubSweet, to help building your own Open Source culture, to facilitation training, understanding license models, assistance building governance models, integrating design processes into Open Source, developer workshops and more. 

If this sounds like you then give us a call! 

Funding Partnerships

We are always open to new collaborations. Often, where our goals align with another organization’s, we can partner on grant proposals to ensure mutual success. 

Collaborative Product Design

If you have an idea for a new publishing platform, let us know. We utilize collaborative product design methods, which means that we have experience facilitating your users and staff to design the systems they need and want to use. 

CSS Book Design

We can develop CSS Stylesheets for EPUB as well as paginated PDF output using PagedMedia standards.


Our friendly team of experts are available to come to your offices to share knowledge related to topics like PubSweet Development, facilitation training, CSS Book Design, and more.

From early stage product design, co-development, and custom solutions – find out more about the range of projects on which Coko is working.