How Coko makes our lovely PDF brochures with Editoria

Jun 26, 2020

We like to dog food what we make at Coko. Here is a quick example – using Editoria to make beautiful, easily update-able, brochures and reports.

Editoria is the state of the art, professional book production tool Coko has built. It is used by publishers for book production and provides and end-to-end workflow for content authoring (or ingestion of docx) to copy editing, art work management, editing, review, export and design. All done via the browser. However, little known fact, you can also use Editoria for producing inhouse brochures and reports that look amazing and are easily updated.

The following is a quick example of a Coko Dev Services brochure we are putting together. The steps are pretty easy, first we create a new book in Editoria and create chapters for the different segments of the book. In this case we wish to provide information about what development services we offer, our experience building platforms, the team, what advantages there are working with us etc. So we created these segments as separate chapters:

Then we can open each chapter in Editoria and add the content.

When all the content is done it is a matter of writing some CSS design rules for the styling of the PDF. Editoria has paged.js built-in, this means we don’t need to export to indesign etc. We can write the style rules into Editoria itself. If you don’t know how to do this you can follow the documentation at and reach out to the pagedjs developers (they are very helpful!). Thankfully pagedjs is a project we started and so we know a thing or two about how to do it already.

Then we can navigate to the pagedjs exporter within Editoria and enter our CSS and look at how the brochure will look in paginated form. Below are some screenshots of this with different views on the document. You can also see the CSS rules on the left.

Now, using the ‘print’ button at the top I can export the brochure to PDF. Linked is an early version of our Dev Services PDF (don’t treat as a final doc!).

Example PDF

For those on limited bandwidth, here are some images from the PDF:

The great thing about this process is that we can add pages, add or replace images, and update the document at anytime. The above brochure took us less than half a day to create from zero. To do it we needed the content and the style rules. Since Editoria is an online, collaborative, platform, the designer wrote the CSS (400 lines) while Heidi Erceg and I put in the draft content. The next step is to invite a copy editor into Editoria to clean up the text. All this can happen in parallel which makes for a super fast and efficient process.

If you would like to know more about making your beautifully designed, update-able inhouse documents with Editoria then drop me a line, We can help you with the platform and also with writing CSS or training you how do it! Feel free to contact me at