Hindawi Limited becomes Coko’s first sponsor

Dec 4, 2018

Crucial to an open source community is the maintenance of its code and facilitating the collaboration needed to cultivate creation of shared community’s infrastructure. As Coko’s technology offerings and communities expand, our financial model is maturing from reliance on funder investment toward a sustainable model in which our community sponsors the organization financially.

As an integral part of the development of xPub – the Coko-led, community-owned open source journal submission and peer review platform – Hindawi has been one of Coko’s early partners. Committed to the development of xPub, Hindawi launched their first journal on xPub within a year from starting development.

We are delighted to announce that, as a tangible expression of our partnership, Hindawi Ltd will become our first sponsor of xPub. Hindawi’s sponsorship will sustain the healthy collaboration between us, as well as within the wider community, as we build shared infrastructure together.

Andrew Smeall, Chief Digital Officer at Hindawi commented, “We believe in the community-led style of open source development practiced by Coko. It ensures a fair playing field, where researchers, institutions, and publishers can collaborate, while protecting the open nature of the project. We’re proud to contribute to Coko’s growth and excited to continue contributing to the community.”

Driven by a mission to advance openness in research, Hindawi Limited is one of Coko’s partners who work towards a more open scholarly communications infrastructure that is built on shared development resources and a shared vision for how the publishing experience can be improved for researchers. The outcome of our collaboration is community-owned and community-driven open source solutions that may rapidly increase efficiency by adapting to researchers’ needs, reduce costs by looking beyond the costly technology silos we currently have, and, ultimately, accelerate the progress of scholarship.