Meet Plume: A new PubSweet platform created by the French Financial Jurisdictions

Alison McGonagle-O'Connell Nov 18, 2019

The French financial jurisdictions, which include the Paris-based Cour des comptes (the French Superior Audit Institution) and the regional and territorial chambers of accounts, have been collaborating with Coko for the past 10 months, building an experimental PubSweet platform.

The project is part of a program called Public Interest Entrepreneurs, directed by Etalab, a department of the French Interministerial Directorate for Digital Affairs that promotes open data and open source. The project is headed up by two public interest entrepreneurs, Nikos Peteinatos, designer and member of the Editoria Advisory Group, and Erica Marco, developer.

The system, currently under development, is called Plume, and it leverages the PubSweet framework and community modules, including Editoria, Wax and Paged.js (from the forthcoming Cabbage Tree Labs). The pilot phase of the project ran for ten months, and deemed successful, the team now embarks on a secondary phase over the next six months with two new developers joining the team.

“The experimentation gave us good results” commented Peteinatos, “and we are excited to add new developers to the project for the six months ahead, which will allow us to expand our tests and advance quicker.”

The system’s primary function is to facilitate the authoring of audit reports. It can be thought of as a customized version of Editoria. Thus far, two audit reports have been successfully created using the system end-to-end. These were then sent to the audit administration, and were well received. 

“The format was perfect,” says Guy Duguéperoux, master auditor and user of Plume, “it offers the advantage of automating formatting, without surprises in the final phase of editing when the document is still modified several times.”

The next steps, in addition to ongoing development scale up, include advancing the system’s capabilities to the point that they support full implementation in financial jurisdictions. The team is currently building a local community and is open to partnerships with other administrations, as well.

They recently presented their work in Paris, among other projects from the Public Interest Entrepreneurs program, in a local presentation of their work at the French Ministry of Ecology. To showcase their project they have prepared a poster and a video.

The Plume team are active community members, attending the most recent PubSweet technical meeting in August, and planning participation in the upcoming Editoria Community Meeting in Chicago. Peteinatos is a member of the Editoria Advisory Group.

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