At the forefront of publishing technology

What does “Coko” stand for?

We used to call ourselves the “Collaborative Knowledge Foundation”…but Coko sounds better.

What does Coko do?

We build publishing platforms.

What does PubSweet do and why?

Our founder, Adam Hyde, had been involved in building many publishing platforms before Coko and came to the realization that he was building many of the same parts over and over again. He had the idea to try and build a framework that would enable the reuse of parts of one platform in another platform. This is PubSweet.

PubSweet is a framework for building any kind of publishing platform and it also allows us to reuse parts of other platforms built with PubSweet. That means we don’t have to build the same stuff over and over again. It saves time and, well, in this game time is money.

Is Coko a team or a community?

Both. The Coko team is a collection of full time professional Coko staff that builds products – publishing platforms. We do this on a for hire basis. If you need a platform built, come see us.

The Coko community is all those folks that we bring together to work on publishing technology problems together or to celebrate via the Open Publishing Award and Open Publishing Fest..

What is a “Coko Community Product?”

Some products the Coko team builds for organisations – the and NCBI platforms are examples of this.

Some platforms we build with community – Kotahi and Editoria are examples of this. The later category is what we refer to as ‘community products’.

I see “Wax” mentioned – what is it?

Wax is a web-based word processor that started its life at Coko. After some thought we moved Wax to another organisation, also founded by Adam Hyde – Cabbage Tree Labs. The ‘Labs’ was also merged into the Coko site mid 2021.

Why open source?

We build platforms with open source for a number of reasons. First, publishers should not wake up one day and find their technology is owned by a competitor. Open source means the technology is yours forever.

In addition, when we build publishing platforms we want to reuse parts from other platforms we have built. This makes the building of platforms faster and more cost efficient. You may wish to read more about open source and publishing here.

Do I have to pay to use Coko platforms?


Do I have to pay some kind of licensing fee to alter the code of Coko platforms.


I am a publisher and  I don’t have any programmers – how do I use Coko platforms?

Contact us and we will put you in touch with hosting and publishing services providers that will get it all running for you.

What is the Coko business model?

Primarily we build platforms for people. We also have several sponsors that support our mission (thank you eLife and Hindawi!). Sooner or later we will start finding sponsors also for the Open Publishing Awards and Open Publishing Fest.

Will you build a publishing platform for me?

Yes. Lets talk!

Can I steal the code and build my own proprietary extensions?

Yes. We do not believe the free-rider problem is actually a problem. The more organizations that exploit the Coko code the better. It means we are both improving the quality of technology in the publishing domain AND getting known for it. These two things are good for us.

By the way …you can’t ‘steal’ open source – it is licensed so that you have the right to use, reuse, and alter any way you like.

Do I need Coko expertise if I take the code and work on my own project?

You don’t. But…it would be quicker and (consequently) more painless and cheaper if you had us involved.

Why do you do the Open Publishing Awards and Fest?

Because they are fun and it gives folks a platform to show off the wonderful things they are doing.

Where is Coko based?

Admin office is centered at Aspiration in California, USA. The Coko team is distributed all over the world.

Who does all your cool design?

Thanks for the kind words! The Coko logo and website is designed by Henrik van Leeuwen. Increasing we are working with Agathe Biaz for our other web real estate (Kotahi, Editoria sites etc). Julien Taquet also has done a lot of work on these sites. If you would like to get in touch with any of these talented folks then let us know and we’ll sort you out.We are incorporated as a non-profit via