Emergency Response Publishing [ERP]

May 28, 2020

Initial Announcement

ERP, A catalyst for monumental change

The radical reformation of Open Publishing

The Coko Emergency Response Publishing [ERP] project is a bold new initiative that empowers the scholarly, NGO, and research communities to accelerate the publication and dissemination of valuable research to contribute to the immediate and ongoing global response of COVID-19.

COVID-19 is caused by a novel virus and currently the only response we have is lock down policies that are not implemented consistently across the globe. To develop effective responses, vaccines and other therapeutic treatments requires new research, and rapid and accurate information exchange between researchers. Current academic publishing workflows and platforms do not support such rapid, continuous responses.

The scholarly communications sector needs modern technologies and radically optimized workflows to respond to this crisis — ERP can provide this and pave the way for future modernization of the publishing sector. These systems and processes built by Coko have web-based collaboration built into the core. They provide mechanisms to concurrently author online, integrate with existing modern publishing services, immediately chat (via text or video) between authors and publishing teams, optimize the selection of reviewers and review management, and offer open peer review processes that change the way researchers and reviewers engage with publishers.

ERP aims to retool traditional publishing and provide a means for new channels to work effectively.

The service comprises of:

  • Rapid deployment of the Coko Micropublication and Journal (SimpleJ) platforms on an on-demand, cost-effective, basis
  • Training in radically accelerated publishing workflows

ERP will continue to build and innovate after this urgent need is addressed which means the community can have a cohesive, planned and coordinated response to subsequent waves of the pandemic or in response to other emergencies where research can play a role. The ERP framework will naturally iterate into a general emergency preparedness tool. The sustainable long-term view is that the ERP tools and processes will evolve and grow beyond an emergency response into a preferred standard of research dissemination.

This is a bold new vision to radically optimize publishing workflows. Consequently, Coko is seeking bold community partners willing to make radical changes in publishing workflows to collaborate on ERP. To discuss this further please email Coko Founder Adam Hyde (adam@coko.foundation) or join the ERP discussion at the Open Publishing Fest.