Editoria Newsletter Out Now!

A new edition out now! Editoria is looking good!

A Snippet from the newsletter:

Track Changes
We spent a good part of February working through the UI design for the track changes feature in Editoria. Many of you will recall that we solicited feedback via our Google Group on several proposed designs, and I’m delighted to announce that after some productive feedback, we have settled on the UI for this. It will look something like this:

One heavily requested feature for this was the ability to leverage keyboard shortcuts to work through accepting and rejecting changes, which we definitely intend to try to address. More to come on this.

InDesign Export
In testing, we have been working with much success with the Vivliostyle formatter for automated typesetting and PDF output. However, there are going to be titles for which automated typesetting is either difficult or impossible, and for those titles, we intend to introduce support for exporting ICML (InCopy) files for InDesign import using the open source Pandoc library. This will give users the ability to leverage the powerful capabilities of Editoria for editorial production workflow management for titles that are not suited to automated typesetting.

Styles Pane
Manuscript styling is a critical part of book production, and Editoria will make this easier than ever. The new UI (discussed below) introduces a styles pane that allows for easy access to all available styles in the left-hand column.